The lovely Kelly contacted me back in July about doing hair for her Bridal party. My wedding season had just finished so it was a pleasure to be able to it for them all.

Kelly came along for her Bridal trial on the 7th October and brought along her lovely mum Pam for her opinions on what would be her Bridal Hair style. First of all- Kelly was Hair Goals 🙌🏻. She had really long thick glossy dark hair so when she told me she wanted to have it chopped off after the wedding I was mortified! 

Kelly knew that she wanted an updo and I couldn’t have agreed more with her having a November wedding. I got the impression that Kelly was going to be a classic bride, what I mean by this is that whatever Kelly chose or agreed on, was that it would be a timeless look that could be worn by Brides in years to come. 

The chosen style was the first one I trialled. This is the one that I could see Kelly wearing- only having spoken to her for about 10 minutes. It doesn’t take me long to get an image of what kind of Bride and ‘look’ a bride to be is going for. 

Kelly came to me a few days before the wedding to have a luxury gel nail manicure, again she went very neat and classy- nothing too outragious which I think is perfect for a classy bride……remember less is more- with a bit of sparkle! And then we laughed when she told me she was meant to be sanding down items for the  wedding decor and I told her she can watch her husband to be doing it! Nothing was ruining the Bride’s nails! 

She also had her eyelashes enhanced by having some beautiful Classic Individual Eyelash extensions. 

The day was finally here, Friday 10th November, Kelly’s Wedding day. Myself and the extremely talented MUA Melissa Lilly Sharp set off to Kelly’s friend’s house in Maidenbower to get them all Wedding ready! 

Kelly was sipping on a Lemsip (Oh No!), and myself and Melissa got to work on glamming the Bridal party up! I started by Pin curling Kelly’s gorgeous long hair to give the style some texture- the prep is very important to a Hairstyle. 

Then I started on the Bridesmaids who didn’t have a clue what to have. Kelly just told me an “updo, something similar but not the same as mine”. So I went for an updo that everybody loves and did a dutch braid chignon style- still keeping to the ‘classy’ theme. The Bridesmaids were also ‘Hair Goals’, with one of them having hair for days! I was in my element! 

I then worked on Pam’s hair- Mother of the Bride. She showed me a lovely twisted updo that she liked so I started by smoothing and curling Pam’s hair. She has quite thick shoulder length hair which has a natural wavy curl so I wanted to make the style a bit more finished by smoothing it out. 

Myself and Melissa (MUA) always work really well alongside eachother for time in getting them all ready. I could watch her do makeup all day, the results she gets and her knowledge about makeup are incredible! 

It was time for the Bride to get the pincurls taken out and the wedding hair done! This is definately one of not just mine, but clients and Bride to be’s favourite hairstyles! It is amazing also how different you can make it look. For kelly I went for a more polished version of it. 

And then we added the veil……..

And here are a few more lovely pictures I took of the morning ❤️

Kelly, it was so lovely doing hair for you and your lovely Bridal Party! Thankyou for choosing me to do it. 

Wishing you and your family lots of Love, Luck & happiness for the future! 

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