My Hair Care Saviours 2020

Has your Hair been lacking that gorgeous silky feeling?! Is it looking dry and damaged from the changing seasons?! Well, quite frankly I have been fed up with my hair looking dead! So I needed to take action and start caring for my locks better :). Nobody likes dry brittle ends Jennifer!!

Grab a cuppa and get comfy…..Here are the Hair care angels that have been saving my life and helping my hair grow!

First up….I’ve been using this Duo for a while now so they are definately my Top faves! Picture just to show the range/ both bottles are the same ;).

It’s the Bedhead Tigi Urban Anti-dotes Resurrection Shampoo & Conditioner. These are amazing for anyone with Weak, brittle hair, and seeing as I use to get my ends bleached these were perfect as they boost strength and stamina. They smell delicious too :).

They also do a Treatment mask which is gorgeous to use once a week!

After I have used them, I let my hair 70-80% dry. DO NOT rough towel dry, it will pull and damage your hair!

I then go in with my GHD Heat protecting spray. Just a spritz all over, paying attention to ends too. I really love this spray because it’s so lightweight.

I also use the Bedhead Ego Boost split end mender, this is a leave in conditioner, seals, smooths and once again protects your hair. I mix about a 50p piece size of this with a 5p piece size of the amazing Advance Techniques Nourishing hair serum with Moroccan Argan Oil from Avon! This stuff… the BEST and not only that it’s cheap and blimmin’ good for your hair! A little goes a long way, it literally is Gold to me. It isn’t greasy either, so I also use this when my hair is dry sometimes. If you have curls it will leave them looking full and glossy!

To also help my hair, I’ve quit using heat tools through the week! Only on special occasions now.

Check out my Instagram page for an amazing way of getting gorgeous waves using No Heat!! A lot of the girls who are using this technique are loving it just as much as me! Save your tresses the damage!!

Here is to beautiful healthy hair!! X

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