Power Brows- Growing out those Brows.

Questions asked frequently in my Beauty Studio, “Are your Brows Microbladed?” (No), “How do you get your Brows so thick?”, “How come your Brows always look good?”.

Well Loves, we have all been on a Journey with our Eyebrows in one way or another. It can be a vicious circle BUT hopefully my tips to growing out your Brows will help. Please persevere, don’t give in to the temptation of PLUCKING!! It will be so so worth it!

Bold Eyebrows (or Power Brows) as we like to call them, will never go out of fashion. I find it so interesting how Brows can really frame a face and can compliment any kind of look you go for!

I have a few clients who are so lucky to have Instagram worthy Brows and so just come in for a tidy up to keep them groomed.

But fear not, we are all entitled to live our best Brow Life. Just take some of my advice…..

1. Stop Plucking- Time and perseverance is a beautiful thing! Leave those hairs be! It will feel like it’s getting worse before it gets better. But use this time to use Brow Pencils/ Brow Pomades or there some Fabulous Brow Mascaras out there! I personally use a Brow Pomade by Makeup Revolution and I apply using an Angled Eco Brow Brush.

2. Essential Oils can help speed up your growth- I swear by Castor Oil, smother your Brows before bed every night. Vitamin E is another amazing one to use. I tend to refrain from using the Growth Brow or Lash serums because as soon as you stop using them those hairs fall out, back to square one…..No Thankyou!

3.Maintain a gorgeous shape by Trimming. Our Brow Hairs can grow and from some Clients I have in they grow long quick!! Sometimes a trim can really thicken your Brows up.

I offer Brows as a service in my Studio and I just love seeing the end result. Even just a Brow Tint, Shape, Wax and Trim can really transform your Eyebrows! I finish off every ‘Power Brows’ service with a gorgeous blend of Aloe Vera and Lavender oil to soothe.

Lastly I want to say how Proud I am of so many of My Power Brow Babes who have been sending me amazing pictures of the unreal Brow growth they are achieving in Isolation!

Please bare with this! It can be so tempting I know, I’ve been there! But just like the Hair on your head this takes time. We may never get the thickness of our gorgeous babe Cara Delevingne but we can flippin’ have a good go!

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