Eyelash Extensions- Why do they shed?

Wouldn’t it be flippin’ amazing if we could wear these beautiful Lashes with the perfect Volume or Curl ALL the time with no maintenance every few weeks?!

The reason our Eyelash Extensions shed is because of our Natural Lash Cycle! Yep! That’s right, we have no control over this- and neither does your Lash Technician unfortunately, you’re Natural Lashes and your own Lash cycle is to blame!

Eyelash Extensions fall out with your natural Lashes and when they do another beautiful Natural Lash is there to take it’s place. Us Lash tech’s can see when these Baby Lashes are there and any reputable Eyelash Technician will not add a false Lash onto a young lash- this is because it will cause trauma to it and we do not want to ruin any healthy growth, don’t worry though, it will be mature enough to place an extension on your next infill.

Lash extensions are obviously darker and have more of a curl than natural lashes so you will eventually notice that you have lost some and that’s when you need to think about booking an Infill. An Infill is classed as 40-50% loss. If you arrive at your appointment having just 3 lashes on either side, your Lash tech will need to charge for a full set.

Eyelash Extensions DO NOT make your natural lashes fall out! It is just a Natural Process that we all go through. The Natural lash will grow to a certain length and then shed (fall out).

Here is a diagram of our Lash Cycle….


Aka- Growth phase. This is the start of the Lash cycle. Eyelashes are actively growing until it reaches it’s full length. This phase can go on for 30-40 days.


The Hair follicle starts to shrink, pushing the Lash upwards disconnecting blood supply. This stage lasts 2/3 weeks.


The final stage of the Lash cycle. The lash is resting and then finishes with the lash falling out.

We all have different Cycles and are all at different phases in our cycles, but here at Jennifer Graves Hair and Beauty I will never apply a Lash extension to a Baby lash.

Aftercare is super important for your Lashes too. I speak about cleanliness in all Appointments. It is Paramount that you keep Lashes clean so as not to get an unwanted Eye infection. Brushing is always important in helping your lashes stay uniform, but in the odd case during the lash cycle where one is about to shed it may point a different way. Give it a little brush and more than likely it will shed.

Any Questions you may have, Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Jennifer x

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