Your Bridal Trial.

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year! How fast did 2017 go?!

Welcome to my blog and Congratulations if you are newly engaged! I thought now would be a perfect time to do this blog in the run up to my many Bridal trials, so I hope this will make you more prepared for it and answer any questions you may have.

Why you need a Bridal trial….

Hair trials are really important in the run up to your wedding. It helps you to get to know each other and it gives your stylist the opportunity to ‘get to know’ your hair and know what styles will or won’t work for you, in order to give you a look that you love! After-all, it is your wedding day! I personally do 3/4 different styles of the Bride’s choice as choice is the most important thing! You can’t really go by one hairstyle if you haven’t tried a few!

Hair by: Jennifer Graves Hair & Beauty. Makeup by: Jennie Marie Makeup Artistry

When should I have my trial?

Some Brides like to have their trials up to a year before their big day, but even three to four months before is absolutely fine.

I tend to keep my day quite free when I have Bridal trials because I will do quite a few styles, so make sure you don’t schedule in anything for like an hour or so after it. A Bridal trial cannot be rushed.

Photography: Mills & King Photography. Dress made by: Jennie West Seamstress. Hair by: Jennifer Graves Hair & Beauty

Be prepared…

It is super helpful for the appointment if you have done your research and already have an idea of what you want. I also do a consultation with you where I ask questions such as what the theme of the wedding is, wether it be a Hollywood glam or rustic theme to determine wether you need a red carpet look, or a soft boho look. A lot of Brides will show me their dress if already purchased, so I will always give advice or ideas into styles that I think would be perfect for with the dress.

What to do with your hair before the trial…

My most asked question is “How do you want my hair?”.

Please, please have 2 day old hair or wash it the night before, freshly washed hair won’t hold the style as well as the grips tend to slip. We do not want that on your wedding day, we need this style to last all day and evening! Do not put any product in it as I will use plenty on the day ;). If you find that you have curly or kinky baby hairs (the really annoying wispy bits around your hairline), then I just ask you to straighten them out as much as you can as you can get closer than me!

What you should bring to your trial….

Bring any hair accessories you wish to wear on the day. It gives us a good vision of how it will look and also where they will sit in the style.

Please feel free to bring a friend or family member with you. It always helps to have somebody who knows you to give their opinion.

On the day of the trial…..

The whole point of having a Bridal trial is for you and your chosen Hair stylist to know what works and what doesn’t for the Bride.

Do not think that your stylist will be offended if you ask for something to be altered or if you want to try something else. Believe it or not, it makes our jobs a whole lot easier if your honest about what you think ;).

I will take pictures of all of the styles from the trial and send them onto you.

I hope this blog has helped any of you Brides to be & to all of my Brides to be for 2018, I am so looking forward to doing your trials! Here are some pictures of my 2017 Brides (& just a few of the Bridesmaids) who I had the pleasure of doing hair for!

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