Winter Wedding

Hi Everyone!

I love weddings, who doesn’t?, but there is something about a winter wedding that makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside! That being said, looking your best can take some extra tender love and care than that of summer weddings. The pesky cold, frosty weather can play havoc with your skin and hair, so you need to ensure you have the right products to keep hair looking amazing. Loose hair doesn’t always bode well when faced with wind, snow or rain, so opting for an up do would be your best bet!

Don’t be too drastic with decisions of what you want your hair like for your winter wedding. For example, if you know that your hair doesn’t hold a curl particularly well then perhaps steer away from that giving that the weather may be a bit blustery. Also, if you have thick curly hair and want to go for a more sleek hair style, just bare in mind that it could naturally frizz up throughout the day.

Up do’s are amazing for winter weddings as they are neatly put up into a style that is sure to behave itself on the day.

Ensure your style is set with an amazing hairspray to make sure it doesn’t budge throughout the day. I use BedHead’s Hard Head- only spray this on the end masterpiece!

Last but not least, winter is all about sparkle, why not add a bit of glitz to your up do with a diamonte slide or pearl clip or tiara, these look stunning on winter evenings, it will draw guests to your beautiful hair do!

Hair accessories are also great to have on hand for your hair trial so your stylist can incorporate that with the style you choose!

Jennifer X

Winter Wedding

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