Brigden-McLean Wedding

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather change. I am a massive lover of Autumn, it has to be my favourite season, all the beautiful colours, cosy evenings and not to mention it is also the time I myself married my lovely husband Paul. So when I was contacted by Heather to do her hair for her big day, I jumped at the chance!

On the trial day I went to Heather’s home and we tried a range of lovely hairstyles where she decided she definitely didn’t want an updo. I also tried a few different styles on her beautiful daughter Ava, who was thoroughly enjoying being pampered like the little princess she is, and also 2 different styles on Heather’s step-mum. Heather decided to go for a lovely soft half up half down do which would really compliment the whole autumnal theme for the day.

On the morning of the 15th October 2016 I arrived at Heather’s home in Ifield along with Maid of honour and sister Claire, bridesmaid and best friend Holly and I got all set up to work my magic on these lovely ladies! On arrival Heather was extremely calm and collected, she really was a breath of fresh air to work with, and so were all of the ladies in the family, they totally put their trust in me and I felt confident in creating some beautiful hair styles.

To start, I pin curled all five heads of hair, this to me is so important to do-especially on somebody’s wedding day, we do not want them curls to fall out! In order to keep a curl in, they need pinning to cool down in that shape.

They all had time to cool and so as one was done, I had another in the chair ready to get their chosen styles, and the next would be in the chair for makeup which was being done by a makeup artist, it was like a little production line and it worked really well and we did great for time.

At 10am, the flowers arrived, these flowers were absolutely stunning and they absolutely set off all the hairstyles beautifully. I was really happy overall with how the morning went, we did really well for time…….now it was just time for the tiara and veil, then Heather could be on her way to marry her prince charming.

When i saw Heather in her wedding dress she looked absolutely stunning, you will all tell by the pictures but she was a picture perfect bride, her auburn hair, fresh flowers, makeup, they all tied in perfect with her autumnal wedding. I wish Heather and her family all the very best for the future, it was an absolute honour to have been included in getting you all ready for this special day.

Jennifer X

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