Williams Wedding – 12th Aug ’16

Hi Everyone!

I had the lovely honour of doing my good friend Sue’s hair for her wedding day to her fiancee Mark. Sue wanted a voluminous blow dry, her hair is quite thin and very straight so I knew we would have to use some of Bedhead’s Superstar blow dry lotion and it is amazing to make hair feel and look thick. I then used my Hair tog bristle thermo brushes and used a thin nozzle to get some oomph into it. For some added volume I put some velcro rollers in and started doing the beautiful bridesmaids hairs.

Poppy, Georgina and the super adorable Annabelle were an absolute dream to do hair on, it really didnt take long at all. Sue wanted a boho kind of look with waterfall braids for the girls, so I got to work and sprayed some heat protector on their hair and curled away using my Nikki Clarke hair straighteners and they really gave a lovely ringlet curl.

Annabelle has thin hair so we both agreed that a waterfall braid wouldn’t work very well so I gave her some lovely curls like her sisters and did a little vintage kind of twist and clipped it in place….how cute does she look? she was such a good girl having her hair done!

Then time to take Sue’s rollers out! They did give a lovely bounce to Sue’s hair, I then clipped her hair to the side and added her stunning hair clip, Sue actually makes these and I have to say, the quality is amazing.

Overall, the morning was very chilled and relaxed and it was such a pleasure to do all their hair do’s for them. Thankyou so much for letting me be a part of getting you all ready.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Williams!

Williams Wedding – 12th Aug ’16

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