The shoot

Hi Everyone!

I have been super busy the past few weeks, family events, moving house, unpacking, cleaning, more unpacking and THIS, which i am so proud of, a photoshoot of my work……BUT, i couldn’t possibly take all the credit!

I needed some shots (and there will be lots more to come) that i could use for business cards, fliers etc but i was finding it so hard to find the time to fit something in. I had a trip to Liverpool to see family planned and what better chance would i get than to do some hair styling on two beauties- my sister Colleen and my cousin Maria, all shots taken in Maria’s lovely home.

I really loved getting the chance to pamper my sister as she has not long give birth to my beautiful niece and i think it is so important to make some time for yourself and i really enjoyed getting the chance to do that for her, being a mummy of 2 boys aswell, she always looks lovely anyway!

My cousin had literally just walked in from work when she got working on her makeup, she is a qualified makeup artist in Liverpool and i just love how her makeup looks so flawless all the time! Maria is getting married in November to her sweetheart Jonathan so this was great practice for when she gets pampered for her big day!

So, for these hairstyles i went for slightly more bridal looks which is what i love to do! ALWAYS, protect your hair, i use the L’Oreal heat protector spray from Tesco and because i was curling it i used mousse to help hold the curls in place. I went ahead in sections and used my Electric HeadJog Titanium 32mm waving iron, which gives the most gorgeous curls, i got mine from Capital Hair and Beauty. I then used my Hair Tools double prong curl clips to pin the curls until they had cooled down.

I then used BedHead’s Oh BeeHive matte dry shampoo to get some lift and then went ahead and pinned curls alternatively to my sisters head to give a lovely bridal/bridesmaid look. I then gave her a nice sweeping fringe to give a classy element to it.

For my cousin Maria’s hair we went for a slightly ‘undone’ hairstyle where i just worked with the curls and went ahead and pinned them in no particular order just giving a lovely look. Maria’s headpiece was something we used totally by accident, this was actually a broken necklace that we worked with the style and it looks amazing, a lot of people commented asking where the headpiece was from!

So that was my work done and the girls for being amazing and letting me loose on their hair, but none of this would have been possible without my very talented husband Paul who did the photography and who does ALL the photography for my website, he really listens to what sort of shots to take and captures them beautifully, not to mention his editing is superb and the girls and i were all so happy with the pictures! He has a Page on Facebook called PgPhotography if anybody would like to check out some more of his work.

I hope you are all enjoying the summer and i will be back with another blog next Sunday on my lovely friends wedding hair that i have the pleasure of doing.

Jennifer x


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