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Hi Everyone!

Today I will be sharing with you all my top favourite Hair Styling products! These are SO important to help you achieve the look you want whether it be a sleek or slightly undone style.  So, pay attention and take notes ladies and gents because these products are some of my holy grails to Hair styling and I use them not only on myself but on my clients too!

1. L’Oreal Elnett Satin Heat Styling Spray

Protecting your hair from heated tools is a MUST! This leaves hair feeling soft as satin (proof is in the name) and not only that it is flippin’ amazing for a voluminous blow dry leaving hair lovely and shiny whilst locking out flyaways and humidity. The cost of this doesn’t break the bank either, you can pick this up from Tesco for £6.

2. BedHead Tigi OH BEEHIVE

Oh Beehive is a matte dry shampoo and as far as dry shampoo’s go, this is the best (IMO)!

The super fine powder particles absorb excess oils that weigh hair down and this my friends is how you get that amazing volume or beehive look which i am a massive lover off! I think a bit of volume at the top of your head can set off a hairstyle and make you look a little more ‘done up’. It smells absolutely divine too! I get mine from Capital Hair and Beauty for £7.95 (ex VAT)

3. Tigi BedHead Hard Head hairspray.

If you want relentless hold and control then this is the hairspray for you…..seriously, your hairstyle is going nowhere once you spray this bad boy! It looks the part, it smells the part, dries instantly, one bit of advice though….do not spray it half way through a hair do, make sure you are happy with your creation and THEN spray it! I get mine from Capital Hair and Beauty for £6.95 (ex VAT)

4. Tigi BedHead Superstar

I know, I know, I am a massive lover of BedHead products!

This is a blowdry lotion to make your hair thick and massive, I love this stuff, my hair smells amazing after I have used this. Not only that but it gives control too! Put this on towel dried hair and blow dry until your heart is content!

5. HeadJog Titanium Gold Waving Iron

My fave curling product! These give the most perfect smooth healthy curls, i like to apply some mousse, then my L’Oreal heat protector spray, then using my waving iron I curl and then go ahead and follow the shape of the curl, wrap it up and pin with one of my pin curl clips (see picture). One massive tip for curls that will last is to let the curl cool down in it’s shape, then move forward by unclipping them all and lightly spraying over with hairspray. This is an amazing price for what it is too, it is on sale right now in Capital Hair and Beauty for £14.95 (ex VAT)

6. HeadJOG 112 Oval cushion brush

This brush is natural boar bristle and plastic pin and is superb for backcombing!! A lot of the time these brushes are used for hair extensions, but i’m a bit of a rebel and I actually found that this gave an amazing beehive and finish as it smooths it all down beautifully too, I love a bit of volume! I purchased mine from….wait for it, yes again the good old wholesalers Capital Hair and Beauty for a fantastic £5.25 (ex VAT)

7. HeadJog 204 Metal pin comb

This is fantastic to get the lovely shape of your beehive…..nobody wants a wonky beehive for their hairstyle! Once you have your desired amount of back combing, go ahead and pin in place and then take the pins end of the comb and go through the hair pulling and tugging to get the look, shape and volumity you want to go for! I got mine as a staple for my kit when I purchased it from Capital Hair and Beauty for £1.70 (ex VAT)

So, I hope you all enjoyed reading through just some of my favourite hair products that help me achieve amazing hair styles and help them stay put all day into the evening too! Have a little shop around if you don’t have a Capital card as a lot of places do great deals on these fabulous products!

…….Next blog up will be My Favourite Hair Care products

Jennifer x

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