Eyelash Extensions

Hello Lovelies!

Just a short blog on my eyelash extensions for all you ladies who have never had them done before as i have had lots of questions on them.  I qualified my eyelash extension course with BCBEAUTY on the 31st August 2016. This is a course that i decided to do which could tie in nicely with my business to offer some of you lovely brides and also for people who have special occasions coming up or you may just need some well deserved pampering!

There is an awful lot to eyelash extensions and i was very overwhelmed at how specialised this is and how much care and time goes into making your lashes stunning.

Patch tests are a MUST, these are very simple and take about a minute to do, i dab a bit of glue behind your ear 24-48 hours before you come to me for lashes. I test 2 glues, one which is a normal glue, and one which for people with more sensitive eyes.

On the day i prep your eyes up for the treatment, i use hydrogel eye pads which stick down your bottom lashes (also anti-wrinkle) Result!!! I then go ahead and use a primer on your lashes to help the glue and lash extensions bond nicely. The treatment takes roughly over 2 hours for me at the moment, it does take some time to make some time up, but the end result is totally worth it! I then use a lovely primer to put on the lashes when they are all done which just helps them last longer. Clients need to keep their eyes closed for the full amount of time until i am finished. At the end of the treatment i give you a brush to take away and give you your aftercare instructions.

I also keep client notes, which are great to tell me which glue i have used, which lashes, what sort of curl and thickness etc so that when you come back for infills you get the correct lashes applied.

Infills take approximately 40 mins to an hour to do.

I hope this has been of some help to any of you who had questions or have never had your lashes extended. Anything i didn’t cover then please do not hesitate to message me.

Jennifer X

Eyelash Extensions: £40

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