Holly Watson

Holly contacted me after Jenna Marie Makeup Artistry recommended me to her. Recommendations and word of mouth have been absolutely amazing for me and my business over the past 3 years.

Holly opted out of a Trial for both Hair and Makeup. Trials I feel are quite important to get to know the person’s hair, what will work, and what won’t.

I arrived at Holly’s mother’s beautiful home early on the morning of 8th September. The house was very calm and I started by Pin curling Holly’s hair and then working on her friend’s hair. Then the rest of the family arrived to get their hair done. Busy morning but it all went well and everybody was ready on time! Holly chose a style with a plait to one side but we agreed that her hair was too thin for the plait, so we went for some nice twists instead. Jenna was on makeup duties and did an amazing job in getting them all looking even more stunning!

Wishing you and your Husband lots of Luck & Happiness in your marriage! X

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