Beverley Thring

Beverley and I met through the lovely Melissa Lilly sharp (MUA), as Beverley needed a Hairstylist for her wedding. We did a trial back in July, super hot day but the trial was quick and Beverley had decided on her style for the big day.

Beverley was so laid back about the whole thing which is so lovely and makes our job a lot better. Before her Wedding, Beverley decided on a change of style which was one of my more popular styles and it just went amazing with her lovely dark hair!

On the 30th August, myself and Melissa Lilly Sharp who was doing all the makeup, made our way to the stunning venue which is Buxted Park Hotel. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had a lovely big room to get everyone ready in. The atmosphere was so calm and Beverley was super chilled about the whole morning. I had the Bride, 2 Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom to do hair for.

Both Bridesmaids had the same style and both mums went for a simple Blow dry with volume.

Here Beverley went for a gorgeous twisted Updo which looked amazing on her dark glossy locks!

It was a pleasure to be part of your wedding morning Beverley! I wish you and your lovely little family lots of happiness for the future!

Congratulations x

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