Mrs Charlie Mills

I was recommended to the lovely Charlie by Makeup Artist Melissa Lilly Sharp. We arranged a trial for 10th March and she brought along her Maid of Honour for her opinion too.

Charlie was very laid back but knew exactly what she wanted for the day. It always helps when a Bride has a vision of how they want to look.

Charlie was getting married on Saturday 22nd September. I arrived with Melissa Lilly sharp bright and early to get everyone wedding hair and makeup ready! The whole house was SO calm and quiet! But I could see towards the end that the nerves were kicking in. Charlie’s lovely Mum & Dad rallied around offering everyone teas and coffee and Charlie’s Dad even did a Mcdonalds Breakfast run for us all (& it was his birthday- what a legend!).

All the styles were perfect for the Bridesmaids, Maid of Honour and Mother of the Bride, I really enjoyed having each of them in the chair. 3 Bridesmaids HairMaid of Honour (no donut used) Mother of the Bride

And finally it was time to finish off Charlie’s Hair. Charlie bought some diamontés to go through her style with her veil.

It was time to then get the dress on! And did she look stunning or what?! I absolutely loved the colour Charlie chose for her dress and Melissa did such a beautiful job on Charlie’s blue smoky eyes, it all just went lovely together!

It looked like Charlie had an amazing wedding day hence the downpour of rain we had that day. The videos of her Father/Daughter dance are absolutely amazing, you can see where she gets her moves from!

Charlie and Tobe, Mr & Mrs Mills, wishing you a lifetime of Happiness together!

Thankyou for choosing me to do all the hair x

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