I was first contacted by the beautiful Bex in January 2017. Her lovely mum Carol had bought her a voucher to have Eyelash Extensions done by me. I knew from when we first met that Bex was my kinda gal! We had similar life stories and there is just a day between us!…….So in March, Bex picked me to do her Wedding hair :).

We booked trials in for April 2017 which all went well…….but with different trends and me creating a certain texturised style, Bex was in love with it, so we changed her style to that and it couldn’t have gone better with her final look!

Between the time we waited on the Wedding to come around I had Bex in numerous times for Lashes and Hair, including her lovely daughter Maiya who loves cookies! Haha! Maiya is her mum’s double and is a natural at applying makeup at such a young age. I always enjoy having these ladies in, always lots of laughs.

The wedding came around really quick! A few days before I did Bex some lovely 3D Eyelash Extensions. That was it, next stop, wedding day……

I arrived at Best Log Cabin situated on Green Lane Farm in Newdigate on the morning of Saturday 4th August 2018. This place literally blew me away! What a stunning location to stay and get ready for your wedding. I was so excited to get inside and get started!

Isn’t it beautiful?! A gorgeous log cabin on a LAKE! The weather was beautiful, the lake peaceful and the Bride to be was chilled but could see every now and then the nerves kicking in!

I started doing Carol’s hair (Bex Mum), I just added some volume and twists to the ends of her hair with it being short and it looked perfect with her fascinator. I fell in love with her beautiful dress!

Then it was Maiya’s turn for her style! This was again a look that could look classic or rustic. Hair was curled before and then plaited and pinned in place with some pieces to frame her face to keep it soft.

The gorgeous Flower Girls were next in the chair! We went for a plait up the back of their hair and a nice big bun!

It was time for the Bride to get ready as time started to pass……

The Gyp really set off all of the styles and is just perfect for a Barn wedding. I’m so glad Bex went for this style.

The hair was complete and Bex had called on the amazing and talented Jennie West Seamstress and her Fairy Godmother service, so not only did she make alterations to the dresses for Bex’s wedding, she came along on the day to make sure Bex was in her dress properly and was comfortable. Please check Jennie’s page out under (Jennie West Seamstress) as this service is great and I only wish I had her on my wedding day! Here she is below sorting out the necklace.

Time for the grand reveal to her Mum and Daughter……

Then Gifts all around…..

Time to go and marry your Prince……

Doesn’t she look Stunning?!

Bex, I have absolutely loved being on this journey with you. Getting to know you has been amazing, you are truly a Good Egg. (Eventhough you hate my taste in cheesy pop music! Ha!)

I wish you and Tom all the best for the future, filled with lots of Love, Luck and Happiness! X

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