An Indian Wedding- Priya Ganeson

The lovely Priya got in touch with me last Christmas, I had been recommended to her by the amazing cake making extraordinnaire and Priya’s Wedding photographer Estée Judge (aka Cakes by Estée). I was really excited to have the chance to do hair for an Indian wedding so soon into running my Bridal hair business. 

I went to do Priya’s Bridal trial at her parent’s home in Pound Hill. Straight away I felt so welcome. Her lovely mum was offering me cups of tea- and a very nice one she made too! 

Priya knew exactly the kind of look she wanted so we went through some updos and down dos. We decided to try some hair extensions at a later date and Priya wanted something quite simple but at the same time stunning. She didn’t need anything extravagant and I didn’t want too much detail in the hair to take anything away from her dress. Priya also still wanted to look like herself which I think is so important- and why not? She is absolutely beautiful! It wasn’t long before I nicknamed her Princess Jasmine! A classic Indian beauty! 

I had recommended Foxylocks hair extensions to Priya as I absolutely love them and they look so natural in the hair that nobody would even know you had them in, we just needed them for added thickness as Priya’s hair had got soooo long! I want to know what her secret is?! 

The day came around so quickly, Saturday 26th August. I made my way to Stanhill Court to get Priya and her 3 gorgeous Bridesmaids wedding hair ready! 

I started by fitting Priya’s Foxylocks extensions, backcombing at the roots and then curling sections by using my trusty Electric headjog titanium waving tongs, which you can get from Capital Hair & Beauty wholesalers. The curls were then pinned so that they cool down in their shape. 

Photography by Estée Judge Photography. 
For the Bridesmaids I did a style which has been very popular this year. A soft chignon updo with a dutch braid to one side, the girls loved it! 

Priya’s dress was hanging on the wardobe and I couldn’t help but keep looking at it. It was so beautiful. She had had it specially made for her. It was a beautiful rose gold Indian bridal gown. I couldn’t wait to see her in it and see the end result! 

Priya was very calm and collected and I really enjoyed listening all about the Indian culture and special things they do at Indian Weddings. 

It was nearly time for Priya to get into her dress so I started unpinning the curls one by one from the bottom of her head and they were just perfect! Glossy, bouncy curls! I then fitted Priya’s Tikka which is a piece of Indian head jewellery that hangs on the forehead and that was the look finished……but not without the dress! 

Priya then put on her wedding gown and there she was, a stunning Indian bride ready to marry her Prince Charming. 
Many Congratulations to the beautiful new Mrs Priya Ganeson-Cross! Wishing you and your husband a lifetime of Joy & Happiness! X 

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