Mrs Halle Gander Wedding

I first had the pleasure of meeting Halle on the 1st April for her Bridal hair trial. She had brought along her Sister in law and Bridesmaid Jen for her opinion and to make sure she picked the best hair do for her special day! 

First impressions of Halle, she is just wonderful! She has such a lovely personality and I instantly warmed to her, it cane as no surprise at all that the whole Bridal party were the same! 

On the trial I created 3 styles but the chosen style was beautiful and had something special about it, so much so that I was thrilled when Halle showed me her hairpiece to add to the style on the day. 

The day came around quick, Halle’s wedding day Saturday 29th July. Myself and my lovely friend and assistant Gail Hodges (18 years experience in Hairdressing and Styling) set off from Crawley to Iver……we nay have got a little lost trying to find the cottage but thank god it was on the same road and we had set off in good time! 

We finally made it to Halle’s In laws stunning home. You can tell just by meetig the family that they are very close knit and it was so lovely to see. We were greeted by Halle’s Mother in law to be and Halle’s mother who had come over from Thailand, both so lovely and we felt really welcome! The cups of tea and Bacon rolls were a hit with us! Thankyou đŸ™‚ 

I started by fitting some Clip in hair extensions to Halle’s hair to add some volume and a little bit of length. I then curled with my trusty Electric Head Jog Titanium waving tongs which give the most gorgeous, glossy, bouncy curls. I then pinned them so Halle could go and get her makeup done by her wonderful makeup artists Rachael Warren and her assistant who made all the ladies look flawless! 

Gail and I then went ahead and got the Bridesmaids and Mums Wedding ready and they all looked absolutely stunning! There was classy, messy updo’s and chignons, all perfect styles for a wedding. 

Halle had her makeup finished so it was time for her hair to be completed! 

I unpinned the curls which looked amazing. I then added some volume with my Bedhead Oh Beehive and a bit of backcombing and the creation was incredible! We were all so pleased with the end result! We then added the hair piece which just topped it off. Halle looked absolutely breathtaking!! 

Many Congratulations Mr & Mrs Gander, it was an absolute pleasure to do the Bridal Hair for your special day! X

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