The New Mrs Fry

I first met the lovely Stacy on the 29th January of this year for her Bridal trial, she brought along one of her friends Sam who was also Bridesmaid. The trial went really well and one thing I could sense from Stacy was that she is a very calm, laid back woman who isn’t a girly girl, but I wanted this lovely lady to have something special for her Wedding day! 

Stacy is the kind of girl who puts everybody before herself, so I wanted her to feel really special on her big day. As soon as she told me Melissa Lilly Sharp was on hand for all their makeup I knew she was in very good hands with us! 

Stacy came to me for her lash extensions 3 days before and couldn’t believe how light and lovely they felt- like she had none on haha! I tidied up her brows and then she was off for that final dress fitting! Exciting!! 

 The day was finally here, Saturday 24th June. Stacy’s wedding day. Melissa picked me up at 5.30am and we headed off to Nutfield Priory together to get everybody Hair and Makeup ready! 

The room was really calm, her Bridesmaids kept us all laughing and entertained, until Stacy’s mum and Mother in law arrived- they were like a Double act, so funny! 

There were a few quiet moments from Stacy, feeling a little overwhelmed reading kind messages from friends and work colleaugues ahead of her special day, still there was no tears, she was cool as a cucumber………that is until her son Harry walked in all suited and booted, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room! 

I pincurled Stacy’s hair so she could relax and enjoy breakfast. I used my Electric Head jog wavers from Capital Hair & Beauty and then set with some Hairspray. 

The Bridesmaids all had gorgeous low maintenance styles with some nice volume, I always use Bedhead’s Oh Beehive Dry Matte Shampoo, this is the holy grail in my kit! All the styles were finished with Bedhead’s Hard Head Hairspray, this is also a must to keep hold of a style! 

Stacy has super long Rapunzel like hair, so I was clearly in my element styling her hair! We went for a dutch braid at the front, I fanned this out to give the illusion of thickness, it is such a nice effect too. Lots of backcombing and then the style was finished with a gorgeous bun- not just any bun though, the bun was the base, the rest was special! I added some diamonte pins and that just set it off! 

Daisy, who was the younger Bridesmaid also had a dutch braide which I incorporated into the same style as the Bridesmaids. We wanted to keep Daisy’s style young and fresh but still being similar to the Bridesmaids hair and it worked really well. 

I finished off doing Stacy’s mum’s and mother in law’s hair. 

They all looked stunning! Their makeup was flawless! Amazing work by the very talented Melissa Lilly Sharp. She is an absolute perfectionist (like me) haha, but that is what you need on your special day! Go over and check her work out! 

Stacy aka Mrs Fry, you were all amazing to do hair on, I could do hair on you all the time! 

You deserve all the happiness in the world. From what I could see on your Wedding morning you are extremely loved by your family and friends! 

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Fry! 

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