Keep your curls


Hi Everyone!!

Today’s Blog is one that some of you lovely ladies have been badgering me to write up and I often get the question of, “What is your secret to keeping hair curly?”. Well, there is no secret- you just need to know how to prep your hair and that curls need time!……….Grab yourself a cuppa and prepare to be amazed, or not. These steps are so simple, it is all about the ‘cool down’.

First step is to prep your hair with mousse! I love the VO5 Plump it up mousse, it does the job and it smells amazing. This mousse also acts as a Heat Defence so it’s a bit of a double whammy!

spray some in the palm of your hands and rub through your hair roughly.

If you choose to add in more heat defence then I recommend the L’oreal heat defence spray, which you can get from most large supermarkets. You can never be too precious to your hair so make sure that if you are using hot hair tools that your tresses are protected.

Now for the styling! I start from the bottom with the curling so divide your hair into sections across your head. I use my Electric Head Jog titanium Gold waving iron (32mm) which you can get from Capital Hair and Beauty and it is on sale at the moment for £14.95 (ex Vat).  One by one curl………then this is the important bit- Roll your curls as you do them in the shape of the curl and pin them, I personally use the Hair Tools Double promg curl clips that I get from Capital Hair and Beauty.Then spray with Hairspray, preferably not a sticky one, I use the Vo5 Weather resistant Hairspray, again smells delicious  and doesn’t make the curls rock hard or tacky!  Do your makeup, have a glass of vino, sing a bit of karaoke in the mirror, then unpin them all! Treat them with a bit of love as you are taking them out, and you will have beautiful spiral curls.

Here is the fun bit! Take a wide toothed comb- I use an Andrew Barton one, I think it was only about £3 from Asda and gently brush through the curls. The curls are just absolutely stunning, I like to call them ‘Hollywood curls’. They are so versatile that they look amazing with vintage styles, boho styles and even just everyday effortless chic! Use a good hair spray just to gently spritz over them, for the very last spray I use BedHead HardHead spray- just to ensure these curls stay in all day or evening. Do not spray too much of this as it can be tacky, maybe get someone to spray it from a distance for you.

And that is it, simple ways to make curls stay in their shape, the key to this is the let them cool down……with a little help from some amazing hair products! 53c34ed9e12c548b706391e1a14d1c72

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